About Us

This is our story (so far).

Who we are

We are a web development and design agency located in Oshawa Ontario. Our goal is to bring your visions to life, creating something professional, responsive and unique. Our products will strongly promote your business, giving you the edge on your competitors.

About "Sneppard"

One year ago, a part time Toronto man began his dream, creating the company Sneppard Media. That man is Bailey Cassel (the owner of Sneppard Media). His goals are to create modern, responsive, and stunning websites/webapps that will catch the eyes of visitors. Clients will feel comfortable and involved with the projects, allowing their visions to flourish.

The name of the company sounds strange to most, but has a simple meaning. Before breaking it down, you may ask; "What's a Sneppard?". Sneppard is the combination of the slang word for snow leopard (snep) and the last four letters of the word leopard (pard). These come together to create the catchy play-on-words, "Sneppard"! Long story short, Snow Leopards are the coolest animals on the planet and deserve to be incorporated into the company name.